There are a few common wedding stationery pitfalls that it’s easy to fall into without some knowhow. Here’s our guide to the most common disasters, and how to steer clear!

1) Our stationery’s arrived and it’s got a typo in it [insert expletive here]

If your beautiful big-day stationery has arrived and has one (or more) mistakes in the copy, you’re bound to be upset. Make sure it doesn’t happen by asking your stationery supplier to send you a proof of the copy before they print the invites – all good stationery providers will be happy to do this. Get at least one other person to read over it before approving it – someone other than you and your groom is a good idea. Make sure you double-check important details such as ceremony times and venue postcodes, and be aware of misplaced apostrophes and common spelling mistakes. Printing off a copy of the proof is always a better idea than just looking onscreen, too.

If the worst happens and there is a mistake when they come back from the supplier, it’s time to weigh up the implications. If it’s something major, such as the wrong ceremony time, then you might need to consider getting them re-printed, while little typos, while annoying, can be overlooked if the costs are too high.

If the mistake wasn’t on the proof you were sent, or you requested something be amended and your stationery supplier didn’t do so, they may well be able to cover the cost of reprinting the invites, but if it’s your mistake, you can expect to foot the bill.

2) We haven’t ordered enough invites!

It’s surprisingly easy to miscalculate the number of invites you need, as they’re sent out to households, rather than to every guest you’re inviting. If you’re coming up short, find out if your stationery supplier is able to do a short extra run for you – they may cost a little more per invite this way. Alternatively, pick up a packet of ready-made invites from somewhere like Paperchase and send them to selected guests – close friends won’t mind when you explain why!

3) We’ve put the wrong postage on our invites

True story – a friend of mine forgot to check if her wedding invites would be classed as large letters, and ended out sending every single one out with too small a stamp. Cue all her guests having to collect their invites from the Post Office and pay a £1.20 fee! Understandably, it’s embarrassing, but the first thing to do is to ‘fess up and let your guests know what’s happened by text or phone so they don’t miss their invite completely. The vast majority of guests will find it funny (expect a few snarky texts back!), but if you’re feeling really bad, you can always make up for it with extra-good favours!

Make sure it doesn’t happen to you by weighing your invites carefully before sending them. If they’re borderline, pay the extra to be on the safe side.

4) We’ve left it too late to order any wedding invites

If you’ve left your wedding invites to the very last minute and don’t have time to get them personalised, take a look at Paperchase and Not on the High Street for ones where you can write your own details in. Alternatively, look for digital invites where you can edit the details and print them off yourself – has lots of gorgeous ones.

If you’re really tight for time, consider emailing e-invites to all your guests, and picking up the phone to older relatives who aren’t online.

5) Our venue’s changed its name/our ceremony time

Another true story – a (different!) friend of mine had a bit of a shock when their wedding venue decided to go for a complete rebrand and change its name, meaning all their beautifully printed stationery was directing guests to a venue that could no longer be looked up on Google. While this is fairly extreme, it’s maybe more likely that your invites will get printed before you learn of a change in the time of your wedding.

If your invites have already gone out or you’re tight on time, there’s nothing to be done but to email or call guests to explain. However, if they haven’t been printed yet and you don’t feel your venue gave your due warning of any unexpected changes, it’s worth raising the issue with them to see if they can take the cost of reprinting your invites off your final bill.

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