Asking guests for presents feels a bit cheeky, even when you know most people will want to get you something! However, if you don’t mention gifts in your invites, you run the risk of winding up with 15 toasters and a variety of weird and wonderful kitchen appliances, plus most guests prefer to have some guidance.

There are three main things that people ask for these days – a standard gift registry at a department store, an online honeymoon gift list, or a cash contribution towards anything from a new home to a camper van! Here are five non-cringey ways to word your wedding gift list requests that won’t leave your guests with a bitter taste:

If you’d like to buy us a wedding gift, we have a wedding list registered at John Lewis under ___________

This is short and sweet, but doesn’t sound too demanding!

The best present you can give us is by being part of our wedding day, but if you’d like to buy us a gift,
we have a honeymoon gift list at ____________

Cute, but not too sickly and steering clear of cheesy poem territory!

We already have everything we need for our home, but if you’d like to make a contribution
to our honeymoon fund, you can find our list at _________

This directs people to a list as well as subtly discouraging guests from going off-piste and choosing a gift themselves

Your presence at our wedding is gift enough, but if you wish to get us a present, you can contribute
to our honeymoon gift list at ______________

Again, this keeps it simple and doesn’t sound presumptuous

We don’t have a wedding list but are renovating our first home together. If you would like to
get us a gift, money would be greatly appreciated

If you want to ask for cash, explain to guests what it’s for so they know what they’re contributing towards

PS My husband and I went with the following to fit with our informally worded invitations:

Our little house is already full to bursting, so we haven’t 
opted for a traditional gift list.
If you’d like to get us a 
wedding gift, we have a honeymoon gift list

Tell us what you’ve put in the comments section below!

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