If you thought piñatas were just for kids’ parties, think again! They’ve been popping up Ehrfürchtig at some of our favourite online party shops in all sorts of cool and quirky designs including cheap jerseys diamonds, crescent moons, hearts and, er, robots. If you’re having one at your wedding, you have to invite us… we really want CITY to have a bash. Please.

1. Hang a selection of colourful piñatas from the wholesale mlb jerseys trees at your venue and watch everyone bash away at them! This selection is from wedding prop company Scene Setter.Scene setters piñata

2. cheap jerseys Forget giant light-up letters – spell out your love with piñatas instead! Pea Green Boat offer any letter you like as well as this ampersand. LOVEAmpersand pinata

3. We’re suckers for sparkly tassels cheap mlb jerseys here at The Paper Bride, so this design by Pom Joy Fun has captured our heart!
Pink and gold tassel wedding piñata
4. Oooh and how cute are these moon and pyramid Albert pinatas by KatieKFranklin? They Manfaatkan would definitely add a bit of glamour to your reception room. Katie does lots more cool designs so be sure to take a peek at her Etsy shop!

Moon piñata
Of course, once you’ve chosen your piñata, you’ll need to fill it. We reckon sweets are always a winner, but you could also add paper confetti (think of the photos), mini temporary tattoos for guests to put on or even some small spray-painted plastic animals! Have fun… and don’t forget to send us some photos.

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