One of the trickiest things about wording wedding invites is the bit about the pressies – is it OK to ask guests for money instead of a traditional gift list, and what’s the best way of saying it?

My husband and I had lived together for seven years before tying the knot (nope, not the quickest off the mark!), so didn’t want to do the standard John Lewis swoop. What we did want to do was to celebrate the start of married life with a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Chile, so a honeymoon gift list seemed like the obvious choice.

Some family members weren’t comfortable with the idea and gave us gift vouchers instead (which were still very gratefully received!), but most friends and family really got behind it. We spent lots of time trying to make the experience of contributing to it as personalised as possible, and loved that allowed us to add details of exactly what we wanted to do and see, so people could buy us a specific experience.

We also found that asking for contributions towards something definite, like a honeymoon, was a lot better received than just asking for cash – people felt they were contributing towards an adventure, rather than the cost of the wedding or next month’s gas bill. Even if it’s as general as a house renovation fund, putting something specific on your invites will go down a lot better, especially with older relatives.

We made a point of putting a wide variety of amounts on the list, too – down to £10 for cocktails on the beach and £5 for carbon offsetting, so even friends who couldn’t contribute much could still feel they were buying us something special.

While how you ask guests to contribute to a honeymoon gift list is completely down to personal choice, we put the following in our invites:

Our little house is already full to bursting, so we haven’t 
opted for a traditional gift list.
If you’d like to get us a 
wedding gift, we have a honeymoon gift list

We kept it quite simple as we didn’t want to dance around the idea with a poem or little ditty, but also didn’t want to sound too presumptuous – the main thing we wanted was for people to come and celebrate with us! Tell us how you’re doing it for your big day in the comments below, and you can find more gift list wording ideas here.

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